map of UgandaUganda

Sadly in early 2015, Dan Andabati died in a traffic accident having continued the good work started by the Good Earth Trust.  He had worked with the Haileybury Youth Trust in developing improved water and sanitation conditions in the shanties in Kampala using the interlocking block technology.

The Good Earth Trust had been working in Uganda since 2007. 
Much of this work is now undertaken by the Haileybury Youth Trust:  and our Tanzania office.

UN-HABITAT - Teachers' Housing, Liraphoto of teacher's housing

Good Earth Trust has worked with UN-HABITAT in various capacities. First, GET helped train contractors and communities members in ISSB blockmaking and construction for their Teachers housing project. The result was the construction of 64 teacher’s houses at 16 different Primary Schools throughout Lira District in Northern Uganda.

Secondly, GET worked in conjunction with UN-Habitat to produce an ISSB promotional document that highlights the technology and case study examples of its use in Uganda.

Lastly, GET continues to work with UN-Habitat to promote the technology and address issues regarding its up-take in East Africa.

photo of a school buildingARUP - Pajule Secondary School

Arup Ireland has been working in Pajule town, in Pader District since 2007 to build a secondary school for the town. GET helped train the contractors for the project and continues to provide advice on ISSB construction. So far, Arup has built 2 classroom blocks and 2 latrines.

In future phases, Arup will be building further classroom blocks, a library, and an administration block

peas logoPEAS - Promoting Equality in African Schools

GET is working with PEAS to train local builders and members of the secondary school that they run to use ISSB. PEAS is also trying to create an ISSB business to help generate a sustainable income for the school. GET is working in conjunction with PEAS to help make this a success

Notre Dame High SchoolNotre Dame High School, Masaka

GET has been working with NDHS to help increase the facilities at this school. So far, a latrine block and 30,000L water tank have been constructed at the school. Currently under construction is another latrine block and further water tanks are planned for the future. GET has consulted with NDHS in design, layout, and ISSB training/construction

photo of a slum in KampalaNACODO - Namuwongo Community Development Organisation

NACODO is a CBO (community based organisation) that works in one of the slums in Kampala. GET is working alongside NACODO to bring improved sanitation to the slum by constructing latrines and adjacent watertanks for hand washing. GET will work with NACODO to train members in ISSB blockmaking and construction.

building a water tankNakyenyi Water-harvesting Project

Working with the Village Development Association and supported by project funding from The Body Shop Foundation, some twenty five 5,000 litre rainwater harvesting tanks have been constructed in Nakyenyi village in Masaka District. The Good Earth Trust provided management, support and training and supplied the ISSB machine & some construction materials. Individual homeowners also contributed money for their individual tanks. Training in ISSB and business skills was provided to 10 of the Association members. Please follow the link to read The Body Shop Project Report.

teacher's housingGOAL - Pajule Secondary School Complex

Again as a result of advocacy by the Good Earth Trust, GOAL (an Irish NGO) working with Arup Consulting Engineers, has adopted ISSB for the construction of secondary school complex in Pajule, Pader Disrict. The Good Earth Trust is providing training, technical advice, soil-testing and project supervision. Please follow the link to read more about the Pajule project:

EFOD - Soroti Urban Clinic Complex

Engineers for Overseas Development (EFOD) a UK based NGO has adopted ISSB for construction of this clinic in Soroti. GET is providing training, support & technical advice, soil-testing and site-visits, & project supervision.

Jane Goodall Institute

Founded in 1977, the Jane Goodall Institute continues Dr. Goodall’s pioneering research on chimpanzee behaviour - research that transformed scientific perceptions of the relationship between humans and animals. Today, the Institute is a global leader in the effort to protect chimpanzees and their habitats. It also is widely recognized for establishing innovative community-centred conservation and development programs in Africa. In Uganda, JGI has employed ISSB Technology in their community conservation and ecotourism projects. JGi is helping communities use the technology for business creation and income generation.

buildingConnect Africa

Connect Africa is a religious organisation working in Northern Uganda in the Internally Displaced People (IDP) camps. They are building resource centres from ISSB technology and are working with GET to train at these centres and partner in the proliferation of the technology.