About us

The Good Earth Trust was formally registered as a charity on 16th January 2007 and, following a decision by the UK based Trustees, closed in early 2013.

The Trust was founded by Jim Cogan OBE and its first trustees were David Drew, James Flecker, Nathalie Koerfer, Russell Matcham and Lavinia Thomas and its first coordinator was Sam Gordon. Jim recognized that many appropriate technologies have been developed, but they have not been adopted on a large enough scale to benefit the people who need them.

Good Earth people

Good Earth Technology has many Friends who are resident in either the UK or East Africa and continue to promote the ethos of compressed earth technology. Many of these Friends were formerly Trustees or Advisers to Good Earth Trust and have a diverse range of skills and experience. To read more about Good Earth Friends please click on the link our people .

We very grateful to our Partners and Supporters.